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Hailing from Berks County Pennsylvania, Shannen Moser grew up steeped in folk and country music. Influenced by the historically rich area, stretching farmland, and local folkers, Shannen credits the area with giving her the tools to write the music she does today. Her self- taught guitar plucking style and confessional lyricism are evocative of the area she grew up in. She vividly recalls her first encounter with folk music in her dad’s old truck, playing Be Here In The Morning by Townes Van Zandt. Since then her love for songwriting has continued to grow. In 2014 Shannen moved to Philadelphia to pursue her music more earnestly. Her debut LP Oh My Heart was released in January of 2017 has taken her from small bedroom recordings to a more expansive sound. Mostly recorded in a barn in Earlville, New York by Eric Muth, the record moves forward sonically while preserving the sincerity of her earlier work and showcasing Moser’s folk and country influences. The record was later finished in Philadelphia at the Knife Lair, a new studio project headed by Eric Muth and Wyatt Oberholzer. Accompanied by cello from Julia Peters, keys by Joe Evers, and guitar and auxiliary by Muth, Shannen’s band has helped her solo acoustic project evolve into a fuller sounding project. The album was reissued by Lame-O Records later that year, and she toured the country alongside artists like Slaughter Beach, Dog and Sorority Noise. On September 7th, 2018, Shannen Moser will be releasing her sophomore album I'll Sing on Lame-O Records.