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Battles are the Networked Band, or perhaps the-band-as network. An island chain linked by a unique combination of artistry, experimentation, technology and singular focus. Aband that holds computerized loops in their brains, leaves sweat on their machines and whose sonic heartbeat is almost brutally human.Dave Konopka, Ian Williams and John Stanier have turned the tables on themselves this time, confronted their own ideas of what Battles is – and here on their third album, have willed an answer to that question into existence. As the name might imply, La Di Da Di is a mushrooming monolith of repetition. Here is an organic techno thrum of nearly infinite loops that refuse to remain consistent. The rhythmic genus of Battles is here as ever; full frontal, heightened and unforgiving – the gauntlet through which melody and harmony must pass, assailed at every turn.Battles continue to be one of the best live bands on the road. Fall headline shows include Portland, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, Washington and New York starting 30th September - with many more spring and summer festivals booking up for 2016.