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The second album by Dan Snaith, originally released under the Manitoba name until a legal dispute forced the change. 
Deluxe double CD includes all the tracks from Jacknuggeted and Hendrix With Ko EPs. Leaf's biggest selling album to date. 
Following his debut, Start Breaking My Heart and made with exactly the same dinky computer equipment, it sounds completely, utterly unlike its predecessor. It sounds like a magnificent kaleidoscopic rough'n'tumble of starlight melodies, irresistibly catchy fatbeats and all manner of uplifting tooting, parping, plinking, riffing, tinkling, soaring and harping, the joyous mass gliding happily together within Snaith's masterful sense of space. Plus... handclaps, alarm clocks, crickets chirping and dogs barking. There's a lot in there, but it's never cluttered, it's deft and wise and funny and gobsmackingly brilliant all at once.