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Originally released in 2006, 'The Stench of Redemption' features 9 tracks of brutal anti-Christian invective supported by a barrage of blast-beats and grimly direct riffing. Recorded at the legendary Death Metal mecca, Morrisound Studios, Tampa, Florida. 'The Stench of Redemption' was the first Deicide record to include new guitarists Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (ex-Iced Earth, ex-Death), replacing the Hoffman brothers who left the band acrimoniously in 2005. •Since the release of the band's debut album in 1988, Deicide have courted controversy across the world for their uncompromising lyrical and musical approach. •The band have been targeted by pro-Christian groups and animal rights activists, as well pro-censorship lobbies. •Deicide's frontman Glen Benton famously branded an upside down crucifix into his forehead as the ultimate statement of intent. •Deicide frontman Glen Benton was featured in the BBC2 documentary 'Death Metal Murders', which again gained the band heavy coverage across the BBC and UK National newspapers. •Deicide continue to record and tour to this day.