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On October 22, 2015 we invited our friends of Montreal to participate in this "Almost Live" series. The oM boys were trying to fit this session in between sound check and doors of their show, happening down the street at the Murat in Indianapolis. As a result, JNR was helping to cart the band back and forth. We arrived at the venue in time to catch a bit of their soundcheck, and had a few hugs (Davy and Dobby had just been at our space a few weeks earlier with Yip Deceiver). When we arrived at the venue, it didn't seem that Kevin had yet decided what song to do for their session. He had toyed with the idea of doing a new unreleased song, but apparently some parts were far to complicated to nail live at this early stage. They ended up deciding on "Empyrean Abattoir", which was awesome not only because it's an awesome song, but because just about a year prior Kevin had played an early version of this song on acoustic guitar in my basement for his WARMfest lathe-cut. And we were now able to hear the fully-realized, fleshed out final song as part of our Almost Live session. The band nailed it in one take. No bullshit with these guys. They just played through once, and it was magical. We asked if they wanted to try another take, and they just looked at us like "why?"…A few donuts and PBRs later, we were driving the band back to the show just in time to see Diane Coffee.