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Take Offs and Landings is now available for the first time on vinyl (180-gram), with a special etching on the 4th side.Los Angeles, California, circa 2001. Rilo Kiley comes into the room. The Echo Park-based songwriters and multi-instrumentalists have an uncanny knack for fashioning pop songs that sound like something you've been humming all your life. The 3-boy/1-girl quartet's picture already appears in several dictionary editions next to the "Indie Pop" entry. They are skilled. They can go from a swirling, indie-rock opus to a softly strummed, country-tinged ballad of heartbreak and not cheapen the transition with irony. Their songs are riddled with impossibly catchy melodies, off-kilter lyrics, sweetness, light and sadness. Most importantly, though, Rilo Kiley really means it, and their honest instinct for subtle songwriting sets them apart from the herd of twee popsters that infest the pop spectrum.