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Somos (meaning 'We Are' in Spanish) originally came together in early 2012 on the West Coast. The band recorded their 4 song demo at Panda Studios in San Francisco shortly after. Those songs, released in July of 2012, offered a glimpse of a young band with abundant promise. It is no surprise, then, that Somos' debut full-length, Temple Of Plenty, is more enormous and more powerful than its predecessor, replacing the scorching, sharp chords with a smoother, more expansive sound. Displaying an incredible maturity for such a young outfit, Somos has tightened and streamlined their songwriting. The band showcases an immediate chemistry, sucker punching you with dynamic songs that weave and unravel in short melodic bursts of energy. Temple Of Plenty possesses the same power expressed on the band's 2012 demo, but it's derived from depth and finesse and the sort of velvet execution that will make Somos' first full-length one of the most impressive debuts that's likely to be released this year.