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With a fistful of singles and two albums to hide behind, Hamilton, ON's TV FREAKS spew up a miasma of contradictions for their third LP: angular yet liquid, chunky but with gravy, and like a sour grape, hard to keep down - it’s the aptly titled Bad Luck Charms. A trio of underground rock royalty brought the album to life, with production from Dallas Good (THE SADIES, ELEVATOR, THE FILTHY GAZE OF EUROPE), mixing from Don Pyle (SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET, CRASH KILLS FIVE), and mastering from Mikey Young (TOTAL CONTROL, EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING) - TV Freaks’ new record is art made by near-descendants of early man and as intricate and nuanced as a Biblical fresco, painted with a boulder instead of a brush. Pummelling primal rhythm blocks battle with snaky guitars and static-shock bass as a man cries out and rips his own shirt off, with nothing more to offer but his own flesh. Is our luck about to turn?