If we're open, we're buying!

If you have things you'd like to sell, bring them by the store any time during business hours. All of our employees are trained to buy!

WE DO HOUSE CALLS FOR LARGER COLLECTIONS! Send us an email to arrange a time. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you bring a large collection to the store, we may ask you to leave it overnight so we have enough time to get a quote together for you.



  • Punk, Hardcore
  • Rock, Pop
  • Jazz
  • Metal, Hard Rock, Psych
  • Indie, Alternative
  • Soul, Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • Experimental
  • Electronic
  • Folk, Reggae, Soundtracks, and other odds & ends. 

Things we are NOT interested in include: most country, vocal/lounge, big band jazz, 78s, and classical.


VINYL LPS and 45s

What we pay depends mostly on what titles you have and their condition.  The more we will sell your records for in store, the more we will pay you. If we know it's something we can sell easily, we will pay you a higher percentage.  We pay more for newer, more modern LPs, and collectible LPs.  We do not always pay a flat dollar amount for records, but will pay you a percentage based off of all of these factors. 

Records and covers should be in acceptable condition, but the better they are, the more we will pay.  We will not accept records that do not have the original covers, have deep marks/scratches, or are moldy. Please bring your records organized in boxes so it will be easier for us to browse. 

Please note: We rarely accept 45s unless they are collectable or are part of a larger collection, and they must be in sleeves and in great condition for us to look at them. 



We do not pay as much for CDs and cassettes as we do vinyl, as they are harder for us to sell. In most cases, we pay a flat rate for CDs. If you have collectible CDs/tapes that we will sell for more than the average, we will make an exception on our normal rate, and we will pay you more. WE DO NOT MAKE HOUSE CALLS FOR CD COLLECTIONS. 

If CD discs are even slightly scratched up, we will most likely not be interested. All CDs and cassettes must have their original artwork and be housed in their original plastic case.  Please bring them in order all facing the same direction to expedite the appraisal process. 


DVDs and VHS

We are mainly interested in the weirder stuff, mostly horror, foreign films, and other odds and ends. We also want blu-rays, criterion collections, boxsets, and limited releases.  This is the stuff that we will pay more for, and will pay you a percentage based off of what we will sell them for in store. 

We will occasionally take a look at more basic, common Hollywood titles, but they have to be in near perfect shape, and we pay a flat rate for these. If discs have ANY marks, they will likely be turned away. 



We buy band tees and other collectibles!  Whether it's older bands or more current stuff, we will take a look at anything.  For band tees, we typically pay from 30% to 60% of what we will charge for them in store.  If you have vintage band tees we will sell for more, we will pay you a higher percentage. We will also take older vintage band posters, pins, and other random music memorabilia. 




DO NOT BRING STEREO GEAR TO THE STORE.  Email us photos and a description of what you have, and we will forward it to our audio guy.  If he shows interest, one of us will respond via email.  



Questions about anything? Give us a call, send us an email, or use the Contact Us page.