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As the new century turned over the burgeoning hardcore-punk scene in the small city of Syracuse, NY was considered one of the strongest and most vibrant in the world. For whatever reason that small city turned out one iconic band after another and shows were big, well-attended events. One of the bands to emerge from that era was The Funeral, an unabashedly heavy hardcore band. Comprised of musicians from some of the most beloved bands in the area their approach was immediate, angry, and intense. This discography collects their entire recorded output onto a beautiful double LP, on vinyl for the first time ever. Having released two full length records, several demos, and outtakes the material has all been collected and remastered by long time friend and studio engineer Jason Randall at Moresound Studios for consistent audio quality. This release also comes in a gatefold jacket with tons of photos, video stills, and more, as well as an extensive booklet detailing the band's brief, but productive history.